3 Signs When Your Computer Is Being Attacked By Viruses And Malwares

Like a body that is being attacked by a disease, the computer also has a number of symptoms when it is attacked by a virus or malware. What are the signs when the computer is attacked by a virus? Apart from that, we also recommend you to check out the best Free antivirus that can help you defend your PC from dangerous viruses.

Here are 3 things that indicate a computer has a virus:

1. Inactive Antivirus

When a thief wants to break into your home, one way you can do it without getting caught is to deactivate your home alarm. The same thing applies when a virus wants to attack your computer or laptop.

Some types of viruses or malware can disable the antivirus that you install on the computer. Thus, the malware can enter freely into the computer.

For that you should, you must act immediately when the antivirus cannot be updated or inactive. There may be viruses or malware that infiltrate a laptop or computer device.

2. Performance of a computer or laptop is slow

There are many reasons for the performance of your laptop to be slow, one of which is a virus or malware. Slow computer performance is usually due to malware or the virus running applications or services in the background without your knowledge.

3. Your Files Disappear or Lock

In the past few years, the trend of cybercrime that is rampant is ransomware attacks. The way the ransomware works is to lock the file or data on the victim’s device and then ask for ransom if the data wants to be able to reopen.

Some ways that can be done to anticipate is to backup important files on a regular basis and do not need to pay the ransom requested by hackers.ware devices like Malwarebytes on another computer and then move them to an infected computer via USB.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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