7 Tips to treat your eyes right

The eye is one of the five most important human senses. Try to imagine if we experience damage to the eyes or blindness, of course, we can not enjoy and feel how beautiful the universe is. For that, we should start to maintain our eye health by performing regular and routine maintenance. When it comes down to the maintenance of your eyes, perhaps the Walmart Eye Exam Cost can save you a lot of money for it.

Here are 7 Ways to Maintain Eye Health
1. Check your eyes every 12 months

A vision problem that is not handled quickly will make it grow worse, so avoid contact lenses and glasses that are not suitable for you because it can cause vision problems and headaches.

2. Nutrition for the Eyes

Recent studies suggest that vitamins and antioxidant groups can prevent and slow macular degeneration and cataract growth. These nutrients are good for the body and the eyes.

3. Use of sufficient light

Avoid working with minimal light or light that is too bright because it can cause eye fatigue. The use of good light when working using a computer is light from the side by side with enough luminous table lamps. Reduce the light level on the monitor. The color is not too sharp but will make the eyes more comfortable.

4. Rest your eyes

Many people who feel their eyes become tired after sitting all day in front of a computer screen. This is because when in front of the computer the eyes blink 25% less than usual and cause the eyes so dry. All you can do to fix it is close your eyes about 5 seconds then open it again.

5. If wearing contact lenses, treat them well

Contact lenses are actually not so troublesome, but cleanliness should always be maintained. Keep contact lenses every time you use or disconnect them. and always change the fluid, before sleeping at night.

6.Use monitor filters

Use a monitor glass filter to reduce the glare and radiation emitted by the monitor screen.

7. Put the paperwork for easy reading when in front of the computer.

When working with copying or reading the paperwork, place the paper at a distance that is equal to your monitor. So do not have to go back and forth to focus your views while reading your paperwork.

That’s some way to maintain the health of our eyes, may be useful.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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