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Hello, how are you?

My name is Richard T Starkey and you are free to call me with anything, as long as it still matches the name. This is my blog that contains a variety of information. I have long been interested in writing. Since childhood, I used to write anything that comes to mind or what I saw at the time. My writing does not look good right away, everyone must have experienced it too. All I do is keep writing consistently. Over time my writing grew longer and I could not get away from writing.

This blog is one manifestation of my love for writing. Although I have written various topics, I have not published through the blog. Although the internet has existed for a long time and many people started writing on blogs, I have not been interested. In my opinion, writing on a website that can be seen by many people should have interesting content. While I have not had any idea to write anything that can catch people’s attention. All I do is keep writing so that my writing gets better.

Just some time ago my friend suggested writing on the blog. They also advise on topics that should be written. Lots of topics were given until I decided to write in five categories: technology, finance, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. In my opinion, the five categories are most sought after by people. Then I started creating blogs and designing topics to be written.

Articles on this blog I take from everyday life. In my opinion, it is easier to write what is commonly seen in daily activities. At first, it was not easy, but gradually getting used to it. I hope this blog can be enjoyed and provide new insights for those who read it. I will still consistently write because I already fall in love with writing. Happy reading!

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