Arrange Setup Your Apartment With Some of These Ways

If you own an apartment, then you should be able to make the apartment comfortable to occupy. This is because the apartment has an area that is not too big and you have to arrange in order to accommodate all the goods you have. If you plan to buy an apartment, then you can choose marina one residences. There are various facilities that you can get there, and are in the center of the city that has a lot of access.

In making these apartments comfortable look more spacious than the original size, then some of these ways you can apply. The ways below are fairly simple but can make your apartment feel very spacious.

– Effectiveness of furniture
In a small room, we are required to only put furniture that actually works in the room area. Avoid placement of furniture that is not really needed. Beds can be designed shorter than a standard bed to give the impression of a spacious room. Use a sliding door on the closet so there is no need to open the closet door. Suitable applied in a small room. The TV can be placed hanging on the wall so as not to take up much space.

– The merger of several rooms
Living room, living room, TV room and dining room can be combined into one room only. Not too difficult to unite the living room with the living room. In our dwelling-house we also often find living room adjoined with family room. In the kitchen area, you can put the breakfast table. The breakfast table is a minibar that blends with the kitchen set itself.

– Take advantage of the blank wall
Empty walls can also be used as a storage, in addition to the laying of paintings and photographs that we generally do. In addition to saving space, can also add a unique impression on the wall. Use of shelves is the right choice. Also, note the strength of the wall in accepting a load of goods on shelves. Avoid walls with already fragile conditions.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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