Avoid Some of These Habits When Surfing To Make Your Account Is Not Easily Hacked

You certainly have an account or even more on the internet. Usually, when you want to access something or save data, all you have to do is have an account. For that, make sure you have the right account with the appropriate personal data. Unfortunately, this personal data can be hacked by someone else. In fact, in some cases, there are accounts that are hacked and used for something dangerous. For this reason, the existence of more help will make it easier for you to secure the account that you have.

Unfortunately, there are some habits that you often do when surfing the internet which can also cause your account to be hacked. Some of the habits in question are

– Access important data with free Wifi in public places
When connected to public WiFi that offers free internet access, you should not open a site that holds a lot of important information, such as banking transactions, password managers, or your personal contact data. The problem is that public WiFi is more vulnerable to hackers. To be safe, it’s best to connect with official WiFi only.

– Upload various important information on social media
Sharing status or photos on social media is exciting. You show off eating in a good place or after buying new items. However, it must be controlled! Don’t let you forget things that are feasible and not worth sharing on social media.
Sharing personal information, such as place of birth date, telephone number, and residential address is prohibited on social media. Including storing personal photos on social media is also not recommended.

– Don’t read the privacy of the police properly
Because lazy read the points per point that appears in the Privacy Policy or License Term, it is not impossible if you just scroll down and immediately click the accept button.

Without realizing it by many people, some of the habits mentioned above will indeed cause your account to be hacked by many irresponsible people. so, make sure that you no longer do the above things when surfing the internet.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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