Baby Crawling Backward, Is it Normal?

It’s nice to see babies entering the crawl phase. This phase is one of the baby’s development before he can successfully walk alone. However, if the baby is just crawling backward, does this mean there is a problem with its development? You can visit our website and find the best baby safety gates that can help you keep your baby safe.

By the time the baby starts crawling around the age of 7 to 10 months, he will choose the easiest way to do it. If the baby’s arm is stronger than the other, it will push or shift backward. This does not mean your child has problems with development. Let your child crawl backward because this is also a way to strengthen his muscles. When his legs are much stronger, the baby will naturally crawl forward. Mom can also train your little one to crawl forward by giving toys or things that interest you. When the baby tries to reach the item, this is a good way to increase leg muscle strength.

In order for the learning process to crawl more smoothly, Mother can provide early training in the previous months, such as training the baby’s stomach, lifting the neck, sitting alone, and so on. Standing and playing for a few minutes will train his muscles. After that, give the stimulus to move to reach the toy or other objects. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of pillows or other items to be a challenging enough challenge for the baby. Challenges like this will increase confidence and agility.

The most important thing is how Mother can keep the baby safe while practicing on all fours. Make sure Mom is always watching by being around the baby while moving on a crawl. Houses also need to be given special safeguards such as gates on the stairs. Keep vulnerable items down like decorations on the table. Remove any dangling tablecloths to keep them out of the way. Make sure he crawls on a clean, flat, not slippery floor.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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