This is the Background of Family Counseling

The need for guidance and counseling in marriage is due to existing background. You can get the best family counseling services by visiting our website. Some of the things behind why marriage guidance and counseling is needed are:

– Problems of Individual Differences

Each individual is different from each other. From this, it can be seen that each individual will have different characteristics in terms of physiology and psychology. Each individual has a different feeling with the other individual. With this, it can be said that each individual has different abilities in solving the problems it faces. There is a problem that is resolved quickly, slowly, or cannot be resolved. Problems that can not be solved alone, then need the help of others is the counselor.

– Individual Needs Problem

Every human being has a particular need, the need is a driver of the emergence of behavior to achieve a certain goal that individuals expect. Related to the above can be seen that the marriage is an effort to meet the needs that exist in the individual.

– Individual Development Problems

Individuals are creatures that develop from time to time, where individuals experience changes and developments. In this development, sometimes individuals experience difficulties and with the need for counseling.

– The Problem of Socio-Cultural Background

The individual development raises many changes in people’s lives, and those changes will affect individuals as members of society. In accordance with the times when individuals are faced with changes so that the circumstances create a variety of challenges and demands on individual needs.

With guidance and counseling, individuals are expected to adapt well to themselves and their environment. Associated with before marriage or in marriage, the individual can understand the position to be achieved after marriage so as to be suited to the problems that exist so as to prevent the problems that will arise.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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