The benefits of condoms for married couples

For the married couples, the necessity of using condoms for sex maybe a little bit smaller compared to the free sex doers out there. It’s true that the main purposes of condoms are to protecting the user from any sexual diseases, while at the same time, it prevents pregnancy as well. So if you think that the condoms are not necessary for your sexual intercourse within your marriage life, you bet that it’s not entirely true. You may also need to buy condoms in order to get some more benefits in having sex with your beloved queen of your life.

Condom improves your erection period

As you may know, the longer your erection means the better chance for you to please your wife. So what condom does here is reducing the pleasing sensation when your penis comes into contact with the wall of your wife’s miss V. When it happens, the wild sensation that drives you crazy might comes a lot later, due to the condom acts as a barrier which limits the contact between your penis and your wife private’s parts. The less pleasure means the longer your time to reach your climax. Although if you think that you’re ready to get the really good feeling, just take off your condom and do another round with her.

It brings various tastes into your sex life

If you and your wife want to be a bit more adventurous during any sexual activities, you bet that the condoms are more than capable of helping you out. There are so many condoms with various shapes, textures, and tastes. So you can be certain that there are so many feelings and sensations of sexual intercourse that you may try with your wife soon. Just remember to choose the condoms that match with your and your wife’s preferences, and then the both of you will likely get a lot of crazy nights soon.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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