Benefits of Turmeric for Face and Beauty

In addition to good health for the body, turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Both provide a number of benefits of turmeric for the face that can give the skin a natural glow and brightness. turmeric benefits can be obtained by using turmeric mask on facial and body skin. Want to know how to get the benefits of turmeric for the face? Check out the ways to use turmeric mask and opportuniteas turmeric tea below.

1. Kasturi turmeric mask
In addition to its function as a spice traditional herbs, turmeric mask can also be used as a way to remove blackheads. But keep in mind also that the usual kind of turmeric can stain the skin, the impact of the skin can be orange-yellow. Turmeric which can be used in making turmeric mask is Kasturi turmeric.

2. Turmeric mask and papaya
Masks from papaya fruit are generally suitable for all types of facial skin, including sensitive facial skin. Raw papaya contains an enzyme called “papain” that can help minimize the growth of fine hair by breaking down the follicles where hair grows. To compensate for the inflammation caused by the breakdown of hair follicles, a mixture of anti-inflammatory substances in turmeric can neutralize the inflammation in the skin as the effect of a papaya mask. This home treatment is also useful as a natural exfoliator that can lift dead skin cells to restore skin elasticity.

3. Turmeric and yogurt masks
Benefits of turmeric for the face is not just to shrink the pores or make the skin look brighter. Turmeric mask and yogurt mixture was also able to help reduce the acne and scars produced. The content of anti-inflammatory substances in the turmeric mask can make the acne scar tissue so calm, not inflamed. The benefits of turmeric for the face are also known to reduce scarring on acne scar tissue.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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