Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

For beginner bloggers, it is usually difficult to find blogging tools that are suitable for your blog. These tools are useful for blogs to be more attractive like professional bloggers. For example CSS Compression Tools, Blogger Ad Code Converter Tool For Adsense, Adbrite, and others. You can also use wealthy affiliate review to increase knowledge about blog’s tools that are suitable for your blog. Here are some important tools for beginner bloggers.

1. HTML Color Picker
The Html Color Codes Generator (HTML Color Picker) is a tool for determining colors in RGB, CMYK, Hexadecimal on your blog. You can also design the entire look of the blog the way you want. The trick is that you only need to move the vertical slider to choose the desired color. After that, you select the color on the left to get the HTML color code that matches what you want.

2. Google PageRank (PR) Checker
Google PageRank (PR) Checker is one of the important things on a search engine for assessing a page. If your blog’s PageRank rank is high, you will get a SERP at a high position. Google Page Rank serves to rank a blog page that is provided by Google. You can also find out how good the PageRank value is on your blog address. This PageRank also depends on the number of backlinks that point to your blog page.

3. Blogger Sitemap Generator (XML Sitemap for Bloggers)
This tool can make it easier for you when you want to create an xml Sitemap on your blogger. The results of this Sitemap code can be directly entered into the Sitemap settings that are on your blog. The code can also be used in the Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap. The benefit of this Sitemap is to help search engines index all your old pages.
Well, that’s the discussion about the best blogging tools for beginners that you need to know. These tools are needed by beginners to help you organize your first blog. Hopefully the article above can be useful for you!


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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