Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startup

Technology has grown so sophisticated, according to Intel founder Gordon Moore, every 20-24 months of technology will grow twofold, this theory is called Moore’s Law. So also with the world of marketing, always growing from year to year, with a variety of new products and new innovations. Of the many digital startups that stood lately, they all adopted digital marketing. The issue is, are all the selected strategies and digital marketing channels the best and most appropriate to achieve growth? Visit agence marketing web to get the answer.

1. Social media Marketing
Social media is a very powerful channel right now. Ninety percent of marketers agree that social media is important to their business, and 89 percent of marketers say social media helps to boost their company’s popularity.

The advantages we get from using social media:

– Creating loyal customers
– Increase traffic and exposure is good for the web
– Influence on SEO and search results in Google
– Increase sales

However, in doing social media marketing is sometimes there are fatal mistakes made by marketers such as:

– Impatient
– Not segmenting the audience
– Selecting the wrong channel
– Overspending

Not all social media needs to be used. If other businesses successfully use Twitter, not necessarily that applies to your business. Sharpening knives are always from the sharp side. Try it all, focus on the channel that brings results, leave that does not bring results.

2. Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing is one of the fastest ways to boost your startup popularity, including by promoting your web or products. Research shows that 84 percent of marketers include influencer marketing campaigns in their annual plans. The presence of Instagram and YouTube makes this influencer marketing trend booming. The challenge of using this influencer marketing is its high cost. The more influential people you want to cooperate with, of course, the higher the fee you have to pay them each time you promote your product.

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Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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