Capcom will remaster “Onimusha” soon

Japanese popular game publisher, Capcom, recently re-registered the copyright of one of their old games in some countries, namely Onimusha. Suddenly, this news immediately made many gamers in the world speculate and anticipate the re-presence of the game that had sold well on the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console. In the meantime, you might visit factschronicle to find more news and info about gaming.

The company registers copyright in Onimusha games in several countries, such as Mexico, Philippines, Canada, and Australia, along with the EU.

Although so good news for many lovers of this game series, with re-registration Onimusha copyright, does not mean Capcom will develop and launch a new game series. Therefore, it’s a wise decision for the fans not to have the high expectations for this developer too early.

It is possible that publishers and copyright holders of the game renew copyright to protect trademarks and ensure no imitation game is created.

Meanwhile, there is speculation that Capcom’s trademark is almost exhausted in the region – mentioned above – and the publisher decides to redo the new one in bulk.

New Series that have been awaited long

Just for information, it’s been six years since last game Onimusha released. The last series that the company launched was Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams in 2006.

Onimusha is an action-style game that resembles the Ninja Gaiden game – at that time – or the recently released Nioh game.

Behind the story of the feudal period of Japan, gamers must face mystical creatures and various monsters.

From the title of the game mentioned above, Onimusha is the only game that has long died. All other Capcom game series have been getting new ‘maintenance’ from the company with continued series or remaster.

Reflecting on that, it is not impossible that Onimusha will be the latest series to be launched next.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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