Cataracts in the elderly

Cataract is an eye disease that is characterized by contracting the lens of the eye, making a blurred vision. This condition generally occurs in the elderly and can occur in one or both eyes at once. However, cataracts are not a type of infectious disease. To help you care for the elderly, you can visit senior care dallas.

The eye lens is the transparent part behind the pupil (black spot in the middle of the eye), which functions to focus the light entering through the eye to the retina so that the object can be seen clearly. As you get older, the protein in the lens will clot and slowly make the lens cloudy and cloudy. This causes vision to become blurred and unclear.

Cataracts generally develop slowly. Initially, the patient will not notice any visual impairment, because only a small portion of the lens of the eye has cataracts. But over time, cataracts will worsen and produce the following symptoms:

A faint and misty view.
The eyes are more sensitive when they see a dazzling light.
See halos around the light source.
It’s hard to see clearly at night.
The color looks faded or not bright.
Double visible object.
Eyeglass lens sizes that change frequently.

Although cataracts generally do not cause eye pain, the sufferer can feel pain in the eye, especially if the cataract is severe, or the patient has other eye disorders.

Causes and Risk Factors for Cataracts in the Elderly
The process of moaning the lens when experiencing aging has not been clearly known. However, there are several factors that can increase a person’s risk of developing cataracts, including:

Eyes that are exposed to sunlight too often.
Certain diseases, such as diabetes, decreased retinal damage (retinitis pigmentosa), or inflammation in the middle layer of the eye (uveitis).
Long-term corticosteroid consumption.
Have had eye surgery.
Have experienced an eye injury.
Have a family with a history of cataracts.
Unhealthy and deficient eating patterns
Consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages regularly.

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