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If you are looking for other types of screen printing t-shirts with manual screen printing techniques, here is a review of the types of manual screen printing in water-based (oil) and oil-based (oil) categories. Usually if according to the prevailing trend, especially men t shirt printing , can not be separated from the T-shirt made of screen printing. Images shown by screen printing on men’s or women’s shirts are usually more attractive than dress clothes. Human creativity in the test and usually shirt-screening shirts that you can get in t shirt printing.

Plastisol is a type of oil-based screen printing/oil, plastisol character is quite thick and strongly felt its rubber elements compared with screen printing rubber. excess of this type of screen printing is very durable and durable. Although durable, plastisol weakness is in comfort in t-shirts and in ironing. This type of screen printing should not be directly exposed to hot temperatures example: hot iron because it will damage the image of printing. But even so, you can replace it by flipping the t-shirt during the ironing process. This type of screen printing much in demand, not because it is durable and strong, but plastisol able to produce sharp images and detail. Fit for raster images. Types of finishing on plastisol screen printing are also diverse; soft, rough surface, glossy, asphalt, thin, gold color and silver/silver color.

High-Density printing is a type of screen printing shirts that create 3D effects on t-shirts, the texture of the resulting rubber screen printing is quite strong and feels when touch. The first high-density ink screening process is Gel or SUG (straight Up Gloss) / Transparent Ink then wearing color plastisol paint for the desired coloring. This type of 3D printing is also often used in Hat products. The proper design model is the Typography model and logo. Rubber screen printing is quite elastic. can be used on dark and bright colored shirts. Its texture is soft and its character covers cloth fibers. Superwhite is a water-based screen printing, screen printing of this type is opposite of high-capacity screen printing, superwhite screen printing has the character of absorbing into the fiber t-shirts. The superwhite textile texture is not felt when touched on the screen printing on the shirt because the type of water-based screen printing absorbs on the fiber shirt. Another character on this type of screen printing is the shirt you wear feels light.

Not only that this type of screen printing has no effect when ironed, if it has been long in wash-use will produce a vintage effect, because the resulting color of this screen printing tends to dim, not as oil-based. Superwhite when printed on 100% cotton shirts, will remove fibers such as cotton on the artwork/picture.

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