Check the land documents and the owner’s rights before you buy lots of lands

After seeing the land, we need to match the physical condition of the land to the information from the ownership certificate or certificate. The things considered can be in the form of land area or land size, the location of the land, the shape of the land and the boundaries of the land whether it is in accordance with the physical condition or not. In addition, we also need to make sure the name of the owner of the rights in the certificate with the person claiming to be the owner of the land now. If we get a different name between the owner who is registered in the certificate and the current identity as the owner, there is no harm in checking or reassuring. We need to ascertain whether the land belongs to individuals or groups of people such as family inheritance. Aside from that, you may go visit visi-sumber daya tambahan
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For example, the difference between the owner’s name and the owner’s letter or certificate with the seller’s identity tends to have a greater chance of experiencing a dispute. The most common thing is found, for example, if the land was originally the property of the seller’s father now inherited. But in the certificate, the father’s father’s name is still written. Because of these circumstances, if we already paid the price of land, it could be later that the brother of the landowner who also claimed to be the legitimate heir of the deceased father also demanded the right to the sale. This will then be a dispute and can harm us as buyers.

That’s it for the info regarding lots of lands that we may share with you on this occasion. Even though this article is quite short, we still hope it helps you to understand more about important things that you must do or avoid before you buy lots of lands for your investment.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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