Choosing the Bouquet of Flowers for Your Wedding

If you are considering the choice of ramos de flores for the special event like a wedding, then you can continue reading this article. In marriage, one thing that is not less important is a bouquet of flowers. Wedding flower bouquets are accessories that you would expect to only hold once in a lifetime. Even if it appears as an object that is not so large in its function, choosing a bouquet of flowers often makes the bride dizzy. Then, how do you choose the right flower bouquet for your wedding day? Reported by, here are tips that you can check:

Adjust to the dress
When you meet a florist, don’t forget to bring along the wedding dress you are going to wear. The design of the flower bouquet will be adjusted to the style, shape, and detail of your wedding dress.

Note the Shape and Size of the Bouquet of Flowers
Choose a flower bouquet with a size no bigger than your waist. Pay attention to the shape, not to be too crowded so that it hides the beautiful details of your wedding dress. For simple wedding dresses, a dramatic flower bouquet with grass flower ornaments can be a beautiful choice.

Know the Flower Season
Some flowers have blooms in certain months. Make sure you choose the right flower so you are not disappointed because you can’t get it before the wedding day.

Design As You Wish
If you have a hereditary antique brooch, there’s nothing wrong with pinning it on your flower bouquet. Give a personal touch to your liking.

Design according to comfort
You will hold a flower bouquet throughout the day. It would be nice if you ask the florist to design it so that it is comfortable to hold and does not make your hands tired so that your concentration is broken. Hold your flower bouquet with one hand below the waist, slightly away from your dress. Open your shoulders and avoid holding them with both hands because it will give the impression of being stiff and tense.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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