Common Problems Occur On Car’s Body

Perfect condition is a dream of vehicle owners. Exterior parts that become part of the most frequent occurrence of damage. You can get an in order to keep your car in good condition. The following are common problems often occur on the body of your car.

Dull paint

Dull paint can arise as a result of acid in the mineral content in the water, resulting in oxidation in the paint of your car. Accurate stance to neutralize water from acid using the right car shampoo. A good car shampoo can reduce water pH levels up to 6-7 pH. That way the water will be safer with car paint because the acid content has been neutralized by the shampoo’s car.

Fine scratch

Based on its shape, fine berets are divided into two, namely swirl mark and spider wap. Swirl marks can arise due to improper washing of vehicles, usually, lay people do random washing. Spider wap is a scratch that is shaped like a spider web. This may occur when you clean a car using a cloth or lap chamois without using water. You can remove swirl marks and spider wap easily because they are still classified as minor damage to the paint. Simply by doing polishing and ending with waxing as protection, fine berets can be lost.

Bug and Tar

No doubt bird droppings, tree sap, and asphalt can also stick to the paint of your vehicle. Tar is classified as mild damage because to eliminate it is easier than a bug because the location of tar is still on the surface of the varnish. Simply use a special abrasive material to remove asphalt stains, so the tar disappears. It’s different from bird droppings that stick to the paint of your car. When there are stains, it may be cleaned immediately, because bird droppings have high acidity.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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