Common Supplement Options for Gaining Muscle Mass

Fitness is intended to maintain fitness. However, not a few people who end up undergoing this sport because they want to build muscle. As a result, more and more force yourself to buy expensive supplements so the muscle more quickly formed. The fitness supplement serves as an additional protein-rich diet product. Protein itself is a substance that is needed to help metabolism, regulate the function of DNA, as well as “fuel” the muscles to develop.

According to a study from Harvard Medical School, adults need 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of your body weight. So let’s say your weight is 70 kg, so you need a protein of 56 grams a day. Perhaps, some people wonder which is better for your finances; use of supplements or healthy foods that help you build muscle. Here are some supplements commonly used in muscle gain aside from using crazy bulk.

1. Whey protein

This one supplement is often referred to as a major supplement in fitness. Actually, whey itself comes from cow’s milk which is finally processed into high protein powder.

In whey protein, supplement manufacturers also incorporate other substances to increase their properties in muscle building. Call it like, essential amino acids to repair damaged muscles and carnitine to facilitate fat burning.

2. Creatine

If this is not a protein, but its function to increase performance, as well as muscle mass. The shape is the powder and the way it is mixed with water.

3. Amino acids

As described above, amino plays an important role as well to repair muscle cells. Supplements in the form of capsules or liquids can be easily obtained in the market.

Regardless of whether you ultimately choose to use a supplement made for bodybuilding goals or focus on healthy food consumption, the expected results will not be maximized if not matched by workouts.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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