Complete Guide to Visit Philippines: Cebu and Davao is the Major Destinations

The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of several islands. The country, led by Rodrigo Duterte, is divided into three major islands, namely the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Islands. Each archipelago consists of islands separated by the sea. As an island nation, of course, the Philippines has so many marine destinations worth visiting. In addition, the Philippines also keeps a unique thing that can only be found in the Philippines, such as public transport, street food, until the culture. You can visit our website to get the best hotel davao.

Here’s a guide to travel to the Philippines:

1. Transportation

There are many airlines you can use to get to the Philippines. From the airline’s various options, the average transit first is at Changi Airport (Singapore), Kuala Lumpur Airport (Malaysia), or Suvarnabhumi Airport (Thailand). Arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines, the journey continues to Cebu City by plane with the duration of approximately one hour.

The only airline serving the Manila-Cebu route is Philippine Airlines. To get to Davao City, can use Philippine Airlines with one-hour trip duration. Exploring Cebu and Davao can be done by taxi, Grab a car, or public transport called jeepney.

2. Accommodation

So many lodging options in downtown Cebu, with prices varying depending on the amenities the hotel provides. One of them is The Bourke. Visit our website and find out what we offer for you.

3. Tourism Destination

Cebu is a city that is rich in history, so this city stores so many historical places. For example Basilica del Santo Nino, Fort San Pedro, Musuo Sugbo, and so on. While Davao is a city that has maritime destinations. To that end, visiting Samal Island became a compulsory agenda during a visit to Davao.

Richard T. Starkey

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