Contraception Is Not Just the Responsibility of Wives, Husbands Are Also Obliged to Get Involved

When hearing the name of contraception, women will generally feel that it is a fertility regulating tool that will be used in the body. The form can be injectable, pill. This kind of tool has some side effects that will be perceived by users. However, for some reason, women are always obedient and accept that this is the best way to regulate fertility. But the truth is not so, the responsibility of contraception should be shared between you and your husband. Thus he is also required to prevent unplanned pregnancies in your family. Men can take responsibility in contraceptive cases using condoms. This contraceptive is most effective and efficient because it can prevent pregnancy and ward off sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are not taboo because they will reduce a lot of negative things. Condoms for men also make sex life safer for themselves and couples. It is not a reason for a man to refuse to use a condom because it is thought to reduce pleasure and intimacy. Because with the development of technology now, condoms are even designed to be more satisfying with the thinness of only 0.05 to 0.02 millimeters.

Another advantage of using condoms is the absence of hormonal effects. Women will be free from the side effects they feel in the form of acne, weight gain, or excessive menstrual fluid. And, if the couple is ready to have more children, then no need to wait a long time. Simply loose its use and pregnancy can be immediately prepared. In addition, condoms are also efficiently obtained because they are sold anywhere and do not require a doctor’s prescription. The use of condoms also accustoms men to be more responsible and unselfish. Because for this awareness of contraceptive devices of emphasis is on women. Right on September 26th is celebrated as World Day of Contraception. The celebration is important because every year about 41% of the 208 million pregnancies in the world is an unplanned pregnancy. Almost half of the pregnancies end in abortion. Because until now, the program is still constrained some things such as people who still consider the taboo of sexual reproductive education, as well as the stigma against condoms that are always considered taboo.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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