Dealing with espionage on work

Because of its effect on work productivity, espionage is one factor that should be avoided, both for perpetrators and for espionage victims. There are five ways that you can make reference in the face of colleagues who like to spy on your activities at the office. Meanwhile, you can also try a Bug Detector if you want to avoid being spied on technologically.

1. Respond it with a cool head

No need to use emotions when we know that we are being spied on. Focus and show that we can work well.

2. Bright and firm

If what your co-workers do is considered outrageous, you must act decisively. Being firm does not mean angry, just explain if his actions hinder you in working.

3. Make sure your position is safe
Not infrequently an espionage guy managed to steal the idea of his colleagues. Then, how? Actually, there are two treatments one can take if espionage is up to a cheat stage. Can tell or be silent, if it is dangerous for the company better tell.

Even so, you must also be good at reading the situation. Informing espionage to the boss can be done if you have the power and have ensured this is not dangerous for yourself. The important thing is we have to have the integrity to say the wrong is wrong, and the right one is true.

4. Tell your idea exactly

When you have an idea, just hurry. This method can minimize the theft of ideas. Even so, you also have to be careful in conveying ideas. Explain in general, details are only informed to interested parties only. By telling your ideas to related parties, anyway, your peers can only imitate.

5. Transparency of the positioning system by the company

How to deal with espionage can also be done by the company. One of them with the socialization of employees about the company system. Convey that everyone has equal opportunity to occupy a position. The company also needs to enforce an objective assessment of its employees.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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