Diabetics And Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is usually not caused by a single factor but is a combination of several factors.
Diabetes mellitus and erectile dysfunction are interrelated. About 60 percent of men with diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart disease have Disfuncion erectil.
As a result of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, further complications will occur. In addition to erectile dysfunction, other complications can occur which can even cause death.
Just say, for example, disorders of blood vessels such as coronary arteries so that coronary heart disease, blood vessels in the legs arise,
in the brain so that the risk of stroke increases,also in the kidneys resulting in kidney failure, and the eyes.

Another complication is a disorder of the peripheral nerve, called neuropathy, one of which is tingling.
Erectile dysfunction in people with diabetes mellitus is caused by the occurrence of neuropathy coupled with a disruption of blood vessel function.
Besides, sometimes people with diabetes mellitus also experience anxiety due to the disease so that it can also be a factor that affects the emergence of erectile dysfunction.
So the treatment for this problem is to control diabetes mellitus so that the complications that occur do not get worse accompanied by the handling of erectile dysfunction complained about.
Supposedly for fasting blood sugar, the levels range between 80-120 mg% and blood sugar levels two hours after eating are 120-160 mg%.

To control blood sugar levels in diabetes mellitus, three things need to be done, namely diet, exercise and if not resolved, antidiabetic drugs are needed.
erectile dysfunction can be cured, but it needs to be identified beforehand.
If you currently take drugs that have side effects that can cause erectile dysfunction, they may be replaced with other drugs that have the same therapeutic effect but do not cause erectile dysfunction.
In addition, if there are psychological problems, special treatment is needed by the psychiatrist.
Currently, there are various ways to deal with erectile dysfunction due to organic causes. Initial therapy can be started by administering sildenafil medicine to drink. Or, you can also use a vacuum pump.
The second stage, if the initial stage does not help, with direct injection of the drug into the penis or the installation of a tool in the penis, and finally is a surgical procedure.
To determine the type of treatment that is suitable for people with diabetes mellitus, a thorough and thorough initial examination is needed so that the degree of the disease can be identified and the causative factors can be identified.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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