Different Countries, Different Rules About Firearms and Their Impact

Two countries deemed successful in firearms surveillance are Japan and Switzerland, while an alarming story comes from Brazil. After a tragedy such as mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, statistics usually surfaced. Compared to other stable countries in the world, and in many countries beyond that, data show that more than 11,000 murder-related killings occur every year in the United States. There are fewer countries than the United States, but the rest have fewer gun killings in a year than the 27 killed in the December 14 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. In Japan, there are very few firearms, as well as armed violence. Firearms are used only on seven murders in Japan, a country of about 130 million, throughout 2011, or the latest available statistical data. According to police, more people (nine people) were killed with scissors. Although the level of gun ownership is minimal compared to the United States, there are 120,000 registered firearms owners and more than 400,000 registered firearms. So why are there fewer cases of armed violence? The simple reason is that most Japanese also keep their firearms well, for example by using a safe or biometric cabinet with a numeric keypad that has a high-security system. If you are looking for security for your weapons, you can find them by getting special biometric cabinets to store their firearms at best gun safe under 1000.

Gunvault Microvault XL MVB 1000 gun is one of those cabinets that can protect your gun or auxiliary weapons, with a biometric fingerprint system and allows you to store up to 120 different fingerprints. It’s safe with a 4-foot security cable and 9-volt alkaline battery. Treating gun ownership as a privilege rather than a right has led to important policy differences. Firstly, anyone who wants to own a firearm must provide a compelling reason. Under the long-standing policy in Japan, there is no good reason why civilians should have hand firearms, except for competitive shooters, so that is prohibited. All crimes related to hand firearms are connected with gangsters, who buy them on the black market. But such crimes are so rare and when that happens, the police will look for which group is involved, so the gangster sees it as a last resort.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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