Different Grip Techniques You Should Learn

If you are newbie phuket golf, you can learn how to use the grip in the right way. First, put your grip on your left-hand crossing from the base of the grip in the bottom of your left palm and tilted until the section on the two index fingers. And hold it gently, not hard and not weak. Remember that your footsteps are at the center of your ring finger and middle finger. Don’t forget your grip by your left hand is straight V with the head club (stick head).

Then the right-hand starts grasping from the bottom with the finger held between the middle finger and teak finger of the left hand. And gently grip and make a Shaft (stick) between the right thumb and right index finger straight towards the head club and form V. Remember, do not afraid that your club will be thrown when you swing, a good grip won’t be hard and not too weak. Each of these grip techniques can produce different grip pressure so that the strength of the swing and the distance of the punch achieved can be different.

Overlapping Grip
Overlapping grip technique can be chosen if the golfer wants a more stable golf club. The best approach to hold this golf stick looks like how to hold a play club, simply position your correct hand somewhat more upwards. In this kind of hold, the situation of the correct hand of the little finger can be between the pointer and the center finger of the left hand.

Interlocking Grip

Interlocking hold is the most grasping system utilized by expert golfer since it has great steadiness. The interlocking grasp is finished by holding a golf stick like holding a slugger and afterward appending the correct hand of the little finger to the forefinger of the left hand.

Baseball Grip

The method of holding a baseball grasp is like when we hold a slugger. Hold the finish of the stay with your left hand, at that point put your correct hand under your left hand and attempt to get a handle on it.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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