Do Not Mess With The Inheritance!

Generally, when a person dies, then the entire wealth of his wealth will fall on his heirs. Because legally these heirs are divided into several classes, then when buying an estate it is necessary to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate heir. To clarify the flow of inheritance shares, it would be better if you hired the services of Probate Lawyers.

Regardless, when the heirs are more than one person, it helps you transact with all the heirs. If, for example, heirs are three persons, then the three heirs must sign the Sale and Purchase Deed. If one or more of the heirs cannot be present to participate in the signing of the Sale and Purchase Deed, then the absentee’s heir may be represented by another person on the condition of a power of attorney.

Such authorization shall be done by notary’s deed. In fact, if necessary, in the sale and purchase of the inheritance, all heirs may authorize one of the heirs to sign the Deed of Sale. If the sale and purchase of land, in general, required the existence of a husband/wife, then in the sale and purchase of land inheritance such approval is not required.

Yes, the need for approval of husband and wife is because the land belongs to the common property, whereas in the case of inheritance, in principle the inheritance land does not enter into the joint property, but becomes the private rights of the husband or wife as the recipient.

The other important thing in buying an inherited land is to check the legitimacy of the heirs and their heirs. To make sure the land is true inherited land, because the owner has passed away, then required a death certificate. That certificate proves that the person whose name is on the land certificate has indeed died.

As for proving that you are actually dealing with his legitimate heir, then you need to check the Certificate of Inheritance. The letter explains who the heirs of the deceased are.

Therefore, let’s be more careful before buying an inherited land!

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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