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Technology needs will increasingly develop even as the development of technology today is not impossible to produce new products that are increasingly easy to carry in their hands. Like speakers for example, usually conventional speakers can only be heard on the spot, conventional speakers cannot be carried anywhere, but now the speakers come in a form that is more easily grasped, one of which is portable speakers. This portable speaker is very easy to carry anywhere even if you have a picnic with your family or friends. This portable speaker is highly anticipated at a gathering. The best speaker is released by the bose soundlink mini which according to its application the speaker is seen from the way of use which has the advantage of living longer outdoors.

This portable speaker does not have to use a battery because currently, portable speakers are charging can use a 3.5mm jack or charger using electricity so that the use of energy becomes more efficient than using a battery. Another advantage is that Bluetooth speakers can be seen from the location of use, where some variations of speakers do have resistance in certain situations and environments, for example, you are a person who likes to walk then the need for Bluetooth speakers is different from people who are happier in the home, that’s why the use of Bluetooth speakers is indeed seen in terms of usage.

Another fact that can be obtained from users of portable speakers is that if you are happy with outdoor activities, the Bluetooth speakers with good sound quality are dustproof and waterproof. Because this type will be more resistant in the use of speakers, even other features that can be relied on in outdoor portable speakers with a Bluetooth system is the NFC function that can make it easier for voters to do pairing between speakers and cellphones owned. Bluetooth speakers do have more advantages than other portable speakers because they save more power, so you don’t need to waste on buying energy with batteries and being environmentally friendly.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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