Don’t Wrong, This is a Choice of Fresh Hair Models to Fit Your Face Shape

Choosing a hair model apparently can’t be arbitrary. Because the selection of hair models that are less precise and do not match the shape of the face will make your appearance look not optimal. Want to know what hairstyle will suit your face shape? For that you can find out at and for those of you who have oval faces including lucky because almost all hairstyles are suitable for you. But for those of you who are accustomed to having long hair, try to look different and fresh with short hair with textured pixie pieces. Or if you want to play safe, bob hairstyles can be an option. For those of you who have a round face, it is recommended to choose a hairstyle that can create the illusion of a longer looking face. Avoid hair with a flat length. For long hair, a hairstyle with a model layer is recommended.

As for short shoulder length hair, you can choose the edgy bob haircut. This haircut is combining shoulder length hair and layering. Your jaw will look more thin with this haircut. For those of you who have a box face and are happy with a short haircut, the angled bob haircut feels like an option. The owner of a box face generally has a forehead and cheekbones that are the same width as a strong jawline so this haircut is perfect for you. In this angled bob hairstyle, your hair will be longer on the front so it looks more voluminous on the cheeks so it can disguise your firm jawline. The face of the heart has a wide forehead and chin that tends to be pointed. Well, to overcome a wide forehead, the owner of the heart face is advised to arrange his hair with the layering model so that the appearance of the forehead and chin become more proportional.

So, make sure that the chosen hairdo has a shorter hairdo than forehead rice than the chin. In addition, the use of side bangs or front bangs is also recommended to cover your wide forehead.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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