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An email newsletter is an email that is used to establish relationships with customers, usually containing the latest information about a product and company. This email newsletter is usually also used as email marketing or product promotion to its customers without being trapped in spam so that it can be used to boost sales of your company. To be able to send this e-mail newsletter, you must have an e-mail address and other customer data stored in the company’s e-mail server database. And to facilitate sending email newsletters you can use the help of newsletter plugins that are widely available to website users with the WordPress platform. This plugin is available in 2 versions, the free/free version and the paid / premium version, usually the premium version provides more complete and sophisticated features. You can find out what email plugins are suitable for your company by clicking on

If your company is new and the number of customer databases in the company’s e-mail server is still small, you can still use the free e-mail newsletter plugin. But if more than that you should use the premium email newsletter plugin for speed and convenience. With this plugin, you can create cool e-mail newsletters using visual editors, send e-mails and search for e-mails sent. The advantages of this plugin even though the version is free, this plugin can be used for an unlimited number of customers including the number of e-mails. For more information and download this plugin, please visit the Newsletter link.

The MailPoet Newsletter plugin consists of 2 versions, the premium, and free versions. The use of plugins in the free version is only limited to 2000 customers. Some features offered when you use this plugin, including you can edit e-mail using a visual editor without having to use HTML code, can see statistics such as how many e-mails are opened, clicked or unsubscribed, autoresponders, can set who is the editor, author, and admin. Of course, the features in the version pay more. This newsletter email plugin can send HTML form email newsletters to registered users, who provide comments, customers and user contact data. This plugin is very good for those of you who want an easy way to retrieve user data and send newsletters along with automatic email updates. This plugin also integrates with features to increase your visitors and customers, only to use this feature you must subscribe to the paid version. Please visit the Email newsletter link for download and more detailed information.

Richard T. Starkey

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