Emotions Play A Big Role In Online Marketing Campaign

Emotions are not just expressions/feelings but can also influence one’s decision making. By provoking your audience’s feelings, emotional marketing can work. You stay at the type of emotion you want to associate with your marketing message. On the other hand, if you need an excellent online marketing automation software, perhaps You can learn more about it on a trusted publisher’s website.

Actually, there are several connections between certain feelings and audience reactions in online platforms, such as:

Joy feeling can trigger people to share more. People who feel happy after receiving your emotional marketing message tend to be encouraged to share the pleasure. Feelings of course also imply happy customers or feel satisfied with your brand/company.

Sad marketing content triggers people to click more. Content that causes negative emotions tends to attract people’s attention. But in the case of this emotional marketing, not necessarily people want to share with other people they know on social media or other digital platforms they have.

The feeling of fear or shock caused by emotional marketing content gives urgency to the audience to do something/act. This case is useful for conveying community service messages or things that are non-profit/social/ activism. Scary content really gets viral fast. But you should be careful, not to be too controversial to make people hate your brand/company.

Finally, content that makes anger or disgust can invite a lot of comments from your audience. These two emotions are arguably hard to drive because you need a very strong message from your emotional marketing. It is also rarely used by famous brands or companies around the world.

However, you need to remember that the emotional appeal of business marketing actually presents risks, this is what might be the reason why some brands still stay away from this creative strategy. Excessive application of emotional attraction backfires and feels like manipulation to the audience, which can erode the trust and reliability that you want to present.

Do your marketing properly so your emotional marketing is successful with the content delivered effectively. Next, your prospects are well built!


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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