Ensure Your Building and Construction Are Safe from Earthquakes

Post-earthquake, it is very important to ensure the reliability of the structure of buildings and buildings. This is to ensure the continuity of building operations and avoid accidents. That’s why we need services from Special Inspections in Santa Ana CA. Visit our website and find out what we can do to help you.

Although many high-rise buildings still look solid standing, after being shaken by the earthquake many times, actually there has been a decline in reliability in these buildings. Whether it’s a decrease in reliability in terms of physical buildings, as well as the capacity of the structure to receive loads Decrease in reliability covers the quality aspects of building materials consisting of concrete and steel, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.

Earthquakes also affect the condition of building elements such as columns and beams. Similarly, the deflection in the beam or slab which results in exposure to reinforcement can be easily corroded. In addition, earthquake shocks also affect changes in the characteristics of the building’s land and geometry, both vertically and horizontally. Thus, after the earthquake, building owners and managers risked the safety, comfort and safety aspects of building operations if they did not immediately carry out Building Audit and Assessment.

Building Audit and Assessment is an examination of the reliability of buildings by identifying risks that may arise in building operations and engineering analysis of the remaining life of the building. This is very important to do to ensure continuity of operations and avoid accidents.

Reliability of buildings should meet four main factors. Namely: safety, health, ease, and comfort. These factors are spread in several fields. Namely: Structure, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, and Fire Protection Systems. Building assessment is carried out with the following steps:

Review of visual inspection documents
Data collection and field strengthening
Structure analysis
Preparation of reports
Presentation of work results


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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