Everyday Habits that Improve Brain Function

There are some habits that can improve brain cognitive function that you can try. Our habits will determine how much the brain performs and determine whether it can improve brain cognitive function. On the other hand, supplements can also improve brain function, and you may try the nitric oxide supplements to improve your memory and concentration visit this link.

Here are some daily routines that you can do to improve brain cognitive function:

1. Physical activity

When doing physical activity, there are several mechanisms that can affect one’s cognitive function. With physical activity, the brain will work optimally by producing brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) protein which helps increase blood flow to the brain. This will prevent damage to brain cells so that they can prevent strokes and help in the formation of new brain cells. Thus, brain function will increase and maintain the ability to remember the brain. It has been supported by a study that shows children who are active in physical activity will have better academic abilities.

2. Regulate diet and nutritional intake

The brain is an organ that needs the most energy to carry out its functions properly. About 20% of the body’s energy will be spent by the brain to do great work. Meeting the needs of glucose and carbohydrates will provide enough energy for the brain to perform its functions. This type of complex carbohydrate will be better consumed because it will produce more durable energy.

3. Participate in activities that trigger creativity

Activities such as work in the fields of literature, art, and music will train the brain to process various information. For example, working in the art field will encourage the brain to make visualization and make it happen, writing or reading activities will help a person build perspective on something and put it in writing while playing music will improve communication skills between the left brain and right brain. Even a study shows children who are active in art activities have the opportunity to start a business when they are adults.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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