Exciting Game at Dufan Besides Arung Jeram

Have you ever visited Dufan? If so, what game do you like the most? One of the favorite rides in Dufan is arung jeram dufan. Visit Dufan and feel the excitement of the water game. In addition, there are lots of games in Dufan, some of which are:

– Burung Tempur

Burung Tempur is one of the rides of Dufan Ancol which is also a favorite of children. Children will be invited to spin 360 ° and float up to a height of 25 meters. The place they sit on can be raised manually. So, children can also ride while accompanied by their parents. This Combat Bird ride has a capacity for 28 people.

– Beledug Elephant

Beledug elephants are actually almost the same as Rajawali rides, both of which can bring you flying at high altitudes. The difference is, the height is lower than Rajawali. When riding this Beledug Elephant, you will only be invited to go round and round. Even so, children will definitely like it because this ride is elephant-shaped which is very funny.

– Turangga Rangga

Turangga Rangga is actually often found in other amusement parks. Elsewhere, this kind of game is better known as the carousel. Children will definitely love this game. They will be invited to spin with their favorite horse.

– Alap Alap

Alap Alap is another version of the Lightning ride. But, unlike scary lightning, you could say this ride is a replica of Halilintar that is safe and does not cause heartburn when riding it. The track rail is also not as complicated as Lightning. If the lightning trajectory is long and only rotates once, Alap Alap has a shorter trajectory and once you ride you will be invited to spin three times.

What are you waiting for? Visit Dufan with your friends and family and feel the excitement.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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