Gaining profits from the foreign worker’s migration

Warning sounds dramatic. The World Bank estimates, annually Africa loses 23,000 highly qualified young people. The tendency of the reduced qualified workforce is called “brain drain”. Canadian researchers calculate that southern Sahara countries suffer losses of about two billion dollars per year from immigration to doctors to other countries. The funds were previously invested in their education. Meanwhile, you can hire migration lawyer Brisbane for taking care of your immigration process swiftly.

Of course, the calculations are not exactly correct. Because some of the money earned by immigrants abroad flows back to the homeland in the form of financial support for family and friends. And if it is remembered that the transfer of money is estimated to be twice the amount of development aid from industrialized nations, the amount is huge.

Back to the country

In addition, some highly qualified immigrants return to their homeland after a few years, to work or to plant money earned from employment abroad. It’s called circular migration. This is where an “anti-brain-drain” strategy is applied.

One of the experts who formulated the strategy was Stefan Angenendt from the Foundation for Science and Politics. He noticed the trend since a few years ago, that fewer immigrants stay in Germany for a long time. More and more of them return to their home country after some time or move around regularly between their home country and Germany.

Angenendt said it was due to the ease of immigration. The return trip is not too expensive. “Many networks are formed, which causes immigration for a limited time to be done easily because people already have acquaintances in the destination country.“ So explained Angenendt.

Germany is just one of many examples of a country which gains a lot of benefits and profits from the coming of immigrants. It’s true that too many immigrants might bring a negative impact to a country, but it’s up to the country’s government itself to manage it, so it can bring more good than harm to the many sectors of the country itself just like what Germany did.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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