General Knowledge About Acne You Need to Know

You may have acne at least once in your life. However, do you know all the things about acne? For example, what is the cause of acne, how to treat it, or how to correct it to prevent it? This article will provide some basic information about acne. Visit our website and find articles related to popping pimples.

How is acne formed in the skin?

Sometimes, during puberty or when hormonal changes occur, you can get acne. When the hair cells, skin cells, and excess oil from the oil glands mix together and block the hair follicles (pores), there is a blockage. The bacteria in the blockage cause swelling under the skin. If the blockage is completely removed, a nodule appears. That’s acne. Acne mostly comes from clogged pores.

What is the cause of acne? The exact cause of acne is unknown. However, there are several factors that can cause acne.

– You get the most acne during adolescence because your hormones change, oil glands in the skin start producing more oil than needed. Excess oil makes the skin prone to acne.

– Other hormonal changes conditions, such as during pregnancy, or using birth control pills.

– Family history: if your parents get pimples, you are more likely to break out as well.

– When you use some kind of medicine; acne can appear as a side effect.

– You can get acne from make-up. Dressing with oil-containing products can clog your pores.

Acne can be effectively controlled by some home care or medical treatment. The goals of treatment are:

– Fixed nodules
– Prevent the recurrence of new acne growth
– Preventing acne imprint
– Treating emotional problems

Keep your skin clean. Wash your skin with clean water and mild soap twice a day-after you wake up and before you sleep. Water should be lukewarm. You should also cleanse the skin after exercising, as sweat can contribute to the growth of acne. You should avoid strong soap and rub strongly. This can make acne worse. Clean the makeup thoroughly as soon as possible with a special cleanser.

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