Get To Know Reading Test In The B1 English Test

English level B1 is the third level of English in the CEFR, which written by the Council of Europe. If you want to take the ielts english speaking, it will measure how you will communicate with the native speakers without any efforts. It is also defined and explain the different levels of English, which is consisted of three blocks and also divided into two sublevels. There are several aspects of English, one of them is reading. You will know about the reading test in the B1 English test by checking more information down below.

Reading Test in B1 English Test
B1 English level is one way to determine your English proficiency, which described by the Council of Europe. Taking this English test will be good to improve your skill, so it is a must for you to know about their aspects as well to pass it. Here is about the reading test in the B1 English test that you need to know, including:
1. Job application
In this part, there is a job application, which easies to be done. Make sure to read a job application and answer the questions about it.
2. Education
There will be a part of education, which you must read about opportunities for students aged sixteen and answer questions that are related.
3. Free time
In this B1 English test, you will meet a question that you have to choose the best title for each paragraph. It makes the most of your free time, do it well and carefully.
4. Holidays
You have to read some complaints that holidaymakers have made to a holiday company, which you must match the beginning to the end of the complaint.
5. Travel
You have to read the text about travel to a hospital, then answer the question that is related to the text
6. Health
The next reading test aspects in the B1 English test is by reading about the illness and choose the correct question for each question.
That’s all the information about reading rest in B1 English test that you should know. You can study hard before taking the test, so the result will be good as you want. Hopefully, it will be useful information.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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