How to Avoid Crime on Train

Traveling by train today is quite safe, but there is always a chance of a crime. Beware! You can visit michigan criminal defense and ask for help from us if you get caught in a criminal case. We will give our best effort to help you regardless of the problem that ensnares you.

Have you ever heard of anyone who has lost a purse, wallet or other items while on a train? Usually losing it is due to the negligence of the owner. You may fall asleep and you leave your stuff unattended. Of course, this will attract the attention of people so that the evil intentions arise to take your goods. Of course, you do not want to experience it, right? Here are some tips to avoid crime in the train.

1. Choose a seat near the window
Sitting by the window is more comfortable, we can lean in the window while viewing the scenery along the way. Apparently, sitting next to the window can keep us from the hands of ignorant. Sitting next to the aisle is more at risk of crime. If we are careless, the items we carry are easy targets for criminals.

2. Dress appropriately, do not wear excessive jewelry
Wherever you go, it’s best not to wear excessive jewelry. Use jewelry appropriately. Evil can come because we are the ones who provoke it. Especially when you ride public transport. Lots of foreigners you meet. Always be on guard, because you will never know who your enemy is.

3. Do not sleep

However, if you are really sleepy, you should secure your luggage. Do not sleep while carrying a cell phone. If you are traveling with friends, make a rotating schedule to keep luggage.

4. Put your bag underfoot
One way to secure your bag is to place the bag under the seat. Use the bag as a footrest. So when someone pulls it, you’ll notice it.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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