How to be a good MC

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) is the person who is in charge of guiding, hosting, and controlling events. Here admin will give tips to be a good MC because a good MC is a successful MC to bring the event right with the planned time. Meanwhile, you can also go to to hire one of the most respected MC in the country.

Know Yourself: The key to an MC is self-confidence. Learn the names, themes, the order of events, the performers, and who comes.

Communications Continue with the organizing committee: The event committee will provide the arrangement of events. Learn the arrangement of the event to interact with the audience.
Keep smiling. Smile signifies you relax, calm so you can master the state and audience.

Your main task is to speak in public: You have to tell them (the audience) of the event that will be and is about to take place. You should also be able to provide an opportunity for the preparations to be performed (performers).

Do not stop when you make a mistake. Do not stress and keep moving on.

Convey humor/slapstick to attract the attention of the audience when they look bored with our show.
Ask questions to the audience. In addition to attracting the audience this question also as an interaction between MC and audience.

Dress up attractive, polite, and appropriate. because it is central to the attention of many people, use baking interesting (not excessive), polite, and in accordance with the event that you bring.

If you partner: divide which parts are delivered to you and your partner. Do not appear dominant by yourself.

It’s true that being an Emcee is not an easy task although it’s not too hard at the same time, even for those who have the talents of being a naturally good speaker. It requires hard work, dedication, patience, and also experience in order to nurture the expertise of the job little by little, so then the MC will be able to communicate with the audience with the best performance.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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