How to Choose the Right Game You Can Play And Enjoy

Basically, games are created as a means to make players happy. Similar to cycling, swimming, or other sporting activities, the game also depletes the stamina of its players. Not only that, other factors, such as the level of depth of interaction and different difficulty levels make a game will not be liked by everyone. If you are seeking the game to play that fits you, then you can go to

To answer the question “what game suits me?” actually quite simple. You just play any game, if you do not like it then leave and search for a new one. It will certainly drain the time and cost, considering most games you have to redeem with some money.

1. Find out your hobby or pleasure

Interest in a game can start from our hobby or pleasure. Thus, you can find out games that are suitable for you from hobbies or activities that you often do as a filler in your spare time. For example: If you love to play chess or cards, games with board type games will suit you, or if you like watching football or futsal shows, games like FIFA 15 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 can be your choice.

2. Know the different genres of the game

Games have different types of streams and are growing a lot. However, basically, they are divided into seven main streams:

– Action: Game that puts forward action and requires reflexes, accuracy, and timing. This game has several derivatives, including beat ’em up, hack and slash, shooter and fighting game.

– Adventure: Adventure games put forward the story elements and invite the player’s adventure. Adventure games are more often presented like movies with the various cutscene. This game has several derivatives such as real-time 3D adventure, text adventure, and visual novel.

– Action-adventure: Action-adventure game is a combination of action and adventure games that present action-like action with an in-game story like an adventure game. This game has several derivatives such as stealth game and survival horror.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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