How to get the flat abs

The problem of the distended abdomen is very disturbing for women and men, To get a flat stomach does require intent and consistent in doing various ways of training. Currently, there are shortcuts for people who want to have a flat stomach quickly with liposuction, but liposuction costs and hazards encountered when doing liposuction. For a natural way can be by visiting fitness centers and diets regularly. Meanwhile, you may need to check out the SARMS reviews to know more about a fine choice of a muscle supplement.

Here are some ways to get a flat stomach:

Drink plenty of water

Before eating you should try to drink water first so that the desire to eat is not too strong,

Chew Food Longer

If our food chews longer then the food will be digested more quickly by the stomach, different if we eat too fast and chew a little more food will be more difficult to digest by the stomach, consequently the food will be stuck in the stomach which then resulted in a distended stomach.

Do not Drink Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic drinks do not have fat, but alcoholic beverages have a high-calorie content so that calories can increase the production of cortisol in the body. Cortisol that causes fat accumulate in the stomach.

Sitting Up

Diligent exercise especially doing sit-ups diligently can make the stomach to be flat. The way Lie on the floor and place your feet on the bed or chair, then gently lift your head, shoulders, and back from the floor. Hold and repeat this movement for up to ten counts. Do it two to three times a week to get maximum results.

Eat More Fiber Food

The function of fiber is to hold the fat in the body, if we consume less fiber then the fat will easily stick in the body, especially in the abdomen. Should in a day we have to consume fiber for example vegetables, fruit, brown rice.

Reduce Stress

Stress and depression make you want to eat as much as you want to stress to subside, so try to regulate stress by meditating 20 minutes every day, or going out for a walk with friends.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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