Ideas For Productive Entertainments For Your Free Time

Is there nothing exciting on TV at the moment? Are all your friends busy that you feel bored? You can learn to fill your spare time, no matter you are at home, outside, or are exploring in cyberspace. However, it is better to spend your time more productively. Entertainment that can boost your creativity and productivity is a better choice to do when spending your free time instead of doing something that will only waste your time. There are a lot of kinds of entertainment that you can choose to be more productive in your free time. In the following, then, some of the choices for such entertainment will be discussed further.

First, you can create a play dough or dough your own toys. Want to try a fun project at home? Create your own play dough with help from parents. You can make it by combining flour, water, and food coloring and you get toy dough with various colors. Ask parents to help if you really need a stove to make it.

Then, you can delete old book contents. You can read the contents of old books or use old books that are no longer interesting in your art project. If there are old magazines or textbooks that are no longer in use, try to open and sketch some of the posts and leave a few words to get a new sentence, or color the picture in it and give a mustache to everyone in the photo in the book or magazine. You can create a new story then. Yet, you should always make sure you get permission to cut or color the old book so you will not get scolded afterward. You can collect several different magazines and cut out various images and create an exciting collage.

Other than those entertainments, you can try a new recipe. If you are allowed to cook in the kitchen, try experimenting with some new recipes. If you feel bored, baking a cake can handle this boredom. Some of the recipes you can easily try include pie, dried pastry with chocolate chips, a vegan pudding, toast bread and scrambled eggs.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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