Increase The Speed Of Your Website In These Ways

You may think that SEO can work optimally without any help that can maximize it. In fact, SEO can run very well with the help of other elements, such as the speed and appearance of a website. SEO Cherry can help you to get good website design and quality SEO.

A website that can be visited very easily will usually make a lot of people love it. Because everyone would not like to wait too long just to wait for a website in the process of loading. Waiting too long will certainly make a lot of people get bored and finally choose to leave the website you have. for that, you need to know how to improve the speed of your website.

– Reduced loading time requires common sense
Do not upload or do not include scripts that you will not use for your website: How often do we include jQuery in the header and loaded by the entire page? including those not using plugins. Not only us, many CMS make 5 to 10 unused demand scripts: do not let them load useless content.

– Optimize images
With the various sizes and devices, we have today, loading the same image for all is unforgivable. Why not upload one for each page? A phone requires a small image, a larger tablet, the desktop requires another version of a larger image. One more thing you should know does not forget the retina device. If this makes you overwhelmed, maybe this script named PictureFill can help.

– Content Optimization
Minimizing HTTP requests that essentially download files needed to create pages, this is key to reducing loading time. Clearly starting with simplifying the design. There are several techniques that can be used to reduce calls to the server, such as applying CSS sprites, combining js and CSS scripts, etc.
Hope with this we can start building a web faster and can be accessed by everyone who uses internet connection every day.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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