Infrared Thermal Imaging: Temperature Sensor Camera Technology

In general, Infrared Thermal Imaging functions to detect temperature on an object that is difficult to touch or achieve, which is displayed with a color degradation image. Red represents high temperatures and degradation to blue which represents low temperatures. If you are searching for a cheap thermal imaging camera, you can visit our website.

An example of an Infrared Thermal Imaging application is in checking the temperature on a hot pipe, cables on a generator, a pressure vessel that is difficult to reach or hold. The goal is to be able to detect whether the object is still working in a temperature that should or not. This is useful for early detection of potential damage or fire within factories, plants, and other industries.

An attractive external camera named Seek Thermal has just been introduced to the public. This camera also offers a different image from a normal camera because it uses infrared sensors to detect hot temperatures or is usually called a thermal camera. This camera has a weight that is not too heavy, 14 grams and is compatible with ioS or Android devices. This camera is also able to detect temperatures from -40 to 330 degrees Celsius. In addition, to use it, this camera is equipped with a USB port.

Then what about the image it produces? The camera owner can choose between using normal mode or thermal mode. In addition, the images produced in thermal mode are also different from night vision cameras. This mode detects the heat generated from the object and then describes it in the visible form. Regarding the price, the Seek Thermal camera is pegged at a price of 199 USD. Surely this is more affordable than FLIR One or Thermal Imaging devices whose prices are very high. However, as we explained earlier, if you want to get a thermal camera at an affordable price, you can visit our website.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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