Juicer and Blender, What Are Your Choose?

For you who often make juice or smoothies definitely need a blender. Blender can help make juice and smoothies you need. However, there are some people who prefer to use a juicer rather than a blender with difficult reasons to choose a good blender, especially for making smoothies. Some people are still confused to choose the best green smoothie blenders from the many brands of blenders on the market.

Then, what is better? Make juice or smoothies using a blender or juicer?
Actually, the most appropriate answer to that question is as needed. However, we will explain the difference between the two objects.

• Juicer. Drinks produced by juicers will provide the water extract and nutrients from the fruit by separating the rest of the fruit. The rest of the fruit is actually the most important part because it contains lots of fiber. Fiber is useful for slowing down the digestive process and delivering nutrients to the bloodstream.
So, if when making juice we lose a lot of fiber, then the juice does not have many benefits.

• Blender. Smoothies are often made using a blender. This is because the blender will make the fruit and vegetables are more viscous. The fibers produced by smoothies made using the blender will be more. So smoothies are highly recommended for those who are running the diet process. With the many fibers present in the smoothies, the volume of drinks produced by the blender will be more. However, if you want more nutrition, then the juice is the right choice. This is because to take a glass of juice, you need more fruits and vegetables.

All choices are in your hands. However, if you want to find the right blender to make smoothies, you can read the review of some blender brands first at Juicingnation.com and you will find the right blender brand for your needs.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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