Keeping your furniture free from dust

How to clean the fourth dust is to focus on sofas and carpets. Each time you sit on the couch, walk on the carpet, the dust will move and fly into the air. Schedule three months to dry your sofa and carpet. It’s a long wooden clock to keep dust, sand, food crumbs and other small particles out of the fabric fibers. Beat evenly in all places to keep the dust from coming back anytime soon. Keep pounding until the dust appears to be thinning. In the meantime, you may also need to check out the best vacuum cleaner for a small apartment.

Get Rid of Unused Furnishings

In addition, how to clean the fifth dust is to get rid of furniture, decorations, and decorations that are old. Too many items in the room will be more difficult to remove the pile of dust. Mainly above the little decorations on the sideboard and closet. Store unused decorations and displays into cardboard so that the dust does not come near it.

Piles of magazines, newspapers, and used books also need to be sorted out. If you like collecting books, place them in a closed bookcase so that there is not much dust on them. If you do not already use it, you have two good choices. The first you can take advantage of newspapers and magazines used for recycled paper crafts. The second option is to sell just a stack of magazines and newspapers used on the pickers.

Stacking Neat and Clean Cabinets

Every wardrobe opened will cause the dust to fly. Cloth fiber fibers are also sometimes disconnected because of the type or indeed have long. Therefore cleaning the wardrobe regularly can also avoid dust stacked for too long. In order for a tidier closet, you better hang clothes neatly than stacking them.

Also, provide a special shoe-covered place in your room, rather than placing it in a cardboard box and storing it on top of the cabinet. Using a vacuum cleaner is also recommended. Especially for the bottom corner of the closet that is often hard to sweep the mop.

Old, rarely worn clothes, set aside in translucent plastic containers. So the dust only accumulates around the container and can be easily cleaned.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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