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Data from WHO states that there are 360 ??million or 5% of people worldwide who experience a disability due to hearing loss. More or less half of them are found in Southeast Asia which has a high prevalence of deafness that is 4.6% including in Indonesia. This fact is quite concerning because half of the hearing loss can be prevented. Many cases of hearing loss are considered normal and left alone. There is also a shame and hide it. Medically, what is meant by hearing loss is the inability of a person to hear a voice with a normal conversational limit of 25 dB. Hearing loss is said to cause disability if new hearing sounds with an intensity greater than 40 dB in adults, and more than 30 dB in children. The severity of hearing loss can be divided into mild, moderate, severe, and very severe. The so-called deafness is usually a very severe hearing loss, with the ability to hear a voice whose intensity is above 95 dB, so that it can only communicate through sign language. They can hit one or both ears, and cause difficulty in hearing loud conversations or sounds. If you do feel there is something that interferes with your hearing or you really feel the symptoms of deafness, then you should read the guidelines from that will lead you to face your hearing problems.

Hearing loss and deafness occur because of interference in the delivery of sound in the ear. Starting from the outer ear, center, in, or on the hearing and brain nerve. Although deafly is notorious for being an elderly person, the recent number of hearing and hearing loss among children and young adults is increasing. Hearing loss and deafness can be caused by congenital abnormalities (birth defects) and acquired as adults. The occurrence of congenital deafness may be affected by several factors, such as heredity, measles infection or syphilis suffered by the mother during pregnancy, low birth weight, asphyxia (lack of oxygen at birth), certain medications used when the mother is pregnant, and premature. While later hearing loss may be caused by infections such as meningitis, measles, and mumps, chronic ear infections, fluid buildup in the ears, use of drugs that are muscular or damaging the ear, impact on the head, hearing sounds that are too hard (such as bomb explosions, music concerts), aging, tumors, and blockage of the ear canal.

Deaf from birth (Congenital) Some children are born with hearing or deafness, experts suspect this is caused by genetic or hereditary factors. Congenital ear disorders may also be triggered by medical abnormalities such as diabetes or toxemia in pregnant women, preterm infants are at higher risk for hearing loss or deafness.

Richard T. Starkey

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