Know Some Types Of Glass You Can Use On Your Home Window

In determining the window in the house, you must also specify the right glass for the window. There are different types of glass that you can choose and use in your home. However, what you should not forget is how to clean it. Now there are residential window cleaners in Dallas that can help you in cleaning the glass in your home.

Also note that there are several types of glass that you can use on your home window, such as

– Mirror glass
Mirror glass is glass with an additional layer of metal oxide through a dialysis process. The glass also called one-way glass looks like a mirror on one side and looks invisible on the other side. Mirror glass is suitable for windows around the front area of ??the house to protect the residents of the house from the eyes of a prankster. We who are in the house can observe the circumstances around at any time, but that outside cannot see inside.

– Clear glass
This is the most popular type of glass used for residential homes. This glass is also called plain glass because it is flat, undistorted, colorless, and can bias the object perfectly to more than 90%. However, this type of glass is less able to resist or reflect sunlight, so it is not recommended for high rise buildings. Clear glass is offered in several thickness options, ie 5 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm. Homeowners should pay attention to the window size when determining the thickness of the glass. The larger the window, the thicker the glass is used.

– Tinted glass
Tinted glass is made by adding metal oxide at a certain dose to the glass dough. This addition makes the glass produced brownish, gray, green, or blue, but does not change the properties of the glass except in the case of changes in the transmission of solar energy. This type of glass can withstand sunlight up to 55%, so it can help reduce the load of electrical power used to turn on the air conditioner.
This glass can also help maintain the privacy of the inhabitants of the house. the house will look more attractive if the color of tinted glass tailored to the style of the house.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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