Know The Importance Of Color In The Design That You Create

A design for coins must certainly be made very well and attract the attention of many people. Because, custom coins should be done by those who are experts and professionals in the field, then you also have to make the right design in order to produce the appropriate design and you want on the coin. which I need you to look at in this case besides the design and size of the coins is the color you use on the coin you want to design.

Therefore, the color that you apply there will greatly affect the final result given. Color is a very important thing in a design. In fact, the color has its own function beberpaa in a design that you apply. Some of these functions are

– Piskologis function
From a psychological point of view, color can be interpreted as a human character. People who have an extrovert character will be more happy with bright colors and create vibrantly. Because this type of person is usually more open and more looking out of themselves than inside. Meanwhile, people who have introverted karakteer usually alan more sennag with a cool color and dark. This person is usually closed and is looking into himself. Color can also cause a sense effect for those who see it. The color of the sun like yellow, red, orange can cause a sense of warmth. While colors such as blue, white and black usually provide a sense of cold generated.

– The function of Beauty and Life Maker
The existence of color allows us to see and recognize an object. Color also has a dual function in which not only aspects of beauty, but also as an element that makes up the difference between one object with another object.

– Natural Functions
Color is a property of a particular object and represents the actual nature of the object. So, do not underestimate the color function in the design that you created because it will impact on someone’s vision of the object and design that you created it.

Richard T. Starkey

Author: Richard T. Starkey

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