Know the Important Process of Soil Compaction

Construction is not just built on the land that has been provided. Previous preparations are needed so that the land is truly ready for construction, especially in large constructions such as high rise buildings, highways, dams, airports, and other constructions. Generally, the first step is to clean the land, such as cutting down trees, cleaning the bushes and removing rocks that might be disturbing. After that, the flattening process is carried out by closing the holes and leveling the small hills scattered on the land. Until now, the land preparation process has not yet been completed, there are still other stages, namely the stages of soil compaction. You can visit to get the right tools.

The compaction stage is done by grinding, hitting or processing the soil. Stages of soil compaction are important to do and not without purpose. It seems quite inconvenient but compaction of the soil will increase the strength of the soil, reduce the water seepage and reduce the influence of water on the land. Well-compacted land will truly have the strength and stability to sustain the construction burden.

Of course, there are several factors that can affect soil compaction. These factors include the water content in compacted soil, the type of soil, the surface area that receives pressure in the compaction process, the thickness of the compacted soil, and the number of trajectories of the compactor, for example, 10 or 15 times.

A number of these factors will determine the length of the compaction process and the equipment used. For example, the compressed layer factor will affect the type of equipment used. The thicker the layer is compacted, the more compact the soil compactor is needed. Meanwhile, in the dry soil type, the compaction process is more difficult. Therefore, it is also necessary to add water in the soil compaction process in order to obtain optimal water content so that the results of soil compaction are satisfactory.

The process of soil compaction can be done using a tool. Currently, there is a choice of good soil compaction equipment that is driven by human or animal power and modern machine tools. Of course, each type of equipment has advantages and disadvantages.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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