Know the Right Way to Install Action Cam on Helmets

The use of action cameras is indeed becoming a trend lately, there are many camera actions that you can use and you can place in several places such as car dashboards or helmets that you normally use. You can record everything on the street that you pass with the camera. In vdashcam, you can get the camera and many other types of cameras that you can use according to your needs.

The action cam itself has dimensions that are small enough but can record images well and even the quality need not be doubted. For the installation of an action cam, it is arguably not complicated, especially the cam action that you usually use on a helmet or commonly called a motorcycle helmet camera. The installation method that you can follow is

1. Place on the right side
Action cam on the helmet is usually placed on the helmet on the front side, just above the helmet and beside the helmet. Choose the place you want. The best camera bracket is usually obtained in the action position above the helmet or on the front side.

2. Adjust the holder that matches your camera
Buy an action cam holder or fastener that can attach to a curved surface because the helmet has a curved surface too. Do not use holders for flat surfaces, because the holder cannot attach properly.
You can buy a holder or binder at the nearest gadget shop with prices starting from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.
1 package holder or mount usually contains the holder and adhesive.

3. Properly attach the holder
The following are two ways you can use to glue the holder.
– Place the holder or mount it on a smooth and clean surface. It is not recommended to place the holder on a textured or porous surface because the adhesive will not glue perfectly.
– Make sure that the holder is installed at room temperature and let stand at least 24 hours after the adhesive is installed so that the adhesive is really attached.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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