Know your visionary leader

Every community must have a leader that can help the community to know what kind of activities that they need to do and as a bridge that can connect the community with the people inside the community. It is the same thing like the churches in manchester. When you join with one out of many churches in manchester, you will be able to meet with the visionary leader. This leader can help you to know the reason why you join with the churches in manchester. They can also lead you to find the right path for you if you think that you are lost in your life. Since the purpose of churches in manchester is to lead you to the God’s road, then you need to know your leader who can help you to go to God’s road. Don’t be afraid if you think that you doesn’t suit with this churches in manchester since the leader will help you to fit you into the church and help you to follow God’s road.

Pastor At and Nyretta Boshoff is the visionary leader of this church. They already serve God for a long time and help many people who want to find God’s road. At first they don’t know that they will change their life and help many people to follow God’s road. Before they become a visionary leader, they also a human being just like you. They also looking for God’s road, and when they received a call to ministry, they decide to help many people who also looking for God’s road. If you think that you also looking for God’s road, then you just need to come to CRC. They will ask you to join them and together you can look for God’s road and never got lost anymore.


Author: Richard T. Starkey

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